Where We Work

E2A partner organizations are present in 74 countries, including a majority of USAID GHI and priority countries. Currently, the E2A project is active in 7 countries and continuing to expand to help communities around the world have improved access to FP/RH services.

Villagers attend a Family Planning and Immunization Outreach Camp

E2A assists with scale-up of HoPE-LVB, a population, health and environment program in Uganda. E2A also worked on quality improvement of family planning services with facilities and communities and with the Uganda Protestant Medical Bureau.

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Togo Woman with her baby

E2A conducted an assessment of postabortion care services in Togo and then followed up with interventions to improve the quality of services at five health facilities. E2A continues to work with the government to inform scale-up of quality-improvement interventions.

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Woman from Tanzania with baby

E2A has partnered with Pathfinder in Tanzania on national advocacy efforts toward enhanced investments in family planning; and in Shinyanga region, expanding the contraceptive method mix to include Standard Days Method through community-based work, and conducting interventions to reach first-time mothers with contraceptive information and services.

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Young Senegalese Mother Elizabeth Mbambu

E2A assessed postabortion care services at select facilities in Senegal and is now working to conduct an assessment of the national youth-friendly services program.

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Nigerian woman with baby

In Nigeria, E2A has focused on task-sharing of family planning services with Community Health Extension Workers, life-saving maternal and newborn health interventions, and outreach to first-time mothers.

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Young mother from Niger

E2A’s ULC program in Niger instituted an innovative approach to behavior change that engaged university students from Abdou Moumouni University as peer leaders to educate on sexual and reproductive health. ULC interventions are now being scaled up through three additional universities in Niger and support from the USAID Sahel regional office through the RISE program.

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Girl from Mozambique Using Cell Phone

In Mozambique, E2A assessed Pathfinder’s mCenas! program, which used text messages to raise awareness about contraceptive information and services among youth. Findings are informing similar mHealth initiatives in the country.

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Group of Malawi women

In Malawi, E2A worked with partners to conduct an in-depth assessment of the country’s youth-friendly health services program. Findings have informed improvements to how sexual and reproductive health services are offered to youth.

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Hope in Kenya

E2A assists with scale-up of HoPE-LVB, a population, health, and environment program, in Kenya. E2A has also conducted research on youth-friendly university-based sexual and reproductive health services with Kenyatta University and engaged faith-based service delivery organizations to distribute family planning.

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Grandmother in Guinea with a baby

E2A assessed postabortion care services in Guinea as part of a four-country assessment and initially worked on assisting with updating the country’s national strategic plan for AYSRH.

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Female students in an Ethiopian classroom

E2A provided various technical and financial assistance through the Integrated Family Health Program through March 2017, when IFHP ended. E2A’s continues to work on documenting scale-up an approach to providing long-acting contraception to youth and with fistula elimination.

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Democratic Republic of Congo

E2A’s mission-supported community-based family planning program in DRC reaches rural populations in Lualaba, Lomami, and Kasai Central provinces with a full range of contraceptive methods.

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Côte d’Ivoire

In Côte d’Ivoire, approximately 3 out of 10 adolescents have started to have children. E2A is focusing on offering quality family planning services to young women and girls, particularly postpartum family planning services.

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E2A led a robust postpartum family planning program at the four largest hospitals in Cameroon’s capital city of Yaoundé and 10 rural health facilities in Bafia and Mbalmayo districts

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Pathfinder’s work in Burundi is focused on addressing maternal and newborn care.

In Burundi, E2A assisted with expanding the contraceptive method mix in certain provinces to include Jadelle and enhancing a variety of community-based family planning interventions.

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Burkina Faso Country Profile
Burkina Faso

In Burkina Faso, E2A has taken evidence to action, working with government partners to improve postabortion care-family planning services for women of all ages.

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