Meeting Youth Needs

We address adolescent and youth reproductive health needs by advancing what works—sharing global evidence and insights on youth leadership and reproductive health care for the largest generation of young people in history. Where we work in AYRH: Burkina Faso, Cote d'Ivoire, Ethiopia, Guinea, Kenya, Malawi, Mozambique, Nigeria, Senegal, Tanzania

Advancing Youth-Friendly Services

As creator of Thinking Outside the Separate Space,” a first-of-its kind tool for designers of adolescent and youth reproductive health-responsive care, E2A knows one size does not fit all when it comes to youth-friendly services. We’re dedicated to advancing quality services made with and for youth—specific to their country context, their needs and desires, available services, financial resources, and objectives for scalability and sustainability. Our programs build global partnerships to scale-up of proven youth-friendly service delivery approaches and investments in services that are accessible, acceptable, equitable, appropriate, and effective. We’re building evidence on youth-focused emerging and promising practices, such as reaching first-time parents with healthy timing and spacing of pregnancy interventions; addressing gender and gender-based violence among young people; and expanding contraceptive choice to include long-acting reversible contraception.

Promoting Youth Resiliency and Advocacy

E2A works with youth and for youth to build young people’s knowledge and self-confidence, so they can use their seat at the table to more effectively advocate with their governments. Our Not Without Us! A Tool for AYRH-Responsive Planning (TARP) helps youth advocates of any age analyze family planning and reproductive health plans to determine how well these plans address the needs of young people—from both technical and financial perspectives. TARP provides advocates with information—data and recommendations—to help them make a compelling arguments for change.

Engaging Youth as Leaders

In Niger, E2A reached 8,000 young people in university and community settings through our comprehensive behavior-change and reproductive health service delivery project. This University Leadership for Change project supported peer leaders at Niamey’s Abdou Maimouni University to examine social and gender norms and improve reproductive health knowledge and attitudes among students. The program also expanded access to youth-friendly services at the university health center and in the surrounding community health facilities. E2A was committed to working with youth as partners, not just consumers. Building off the success of this project, peer leaders established an independent student-led association to ensure the sustainability of the program’s approach. This youth-led association continues to support behavior change activities in university and community settings in Niamey and Zinder.

More Resources You Can Use

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