Expanding Contraceptive Choice

Everyone should be able to make voluntary and informed decisions about contraception, while accessing high-quality counseling and services.

Ensuring easy access to a wide range of contraceptive options is at the heart of E2A’s work to strengthen family planning around the globe. To reduce unmet need for contraception, we work across a constellation of service-delivery outlets—communities, universities, and health facilities—where skilled providers and counselors are ready to offer a range of methods.

Strengthening Services in Facilities

E2A advances the fundamental work of strengthening public health systems—enabling countries to improve the quality and accessibility of family planning services. This includes efforts to:

  • Enhance providers’ technical and interpersonal skills.
  • Ensure a full spectrum of methods are readily available—with complete and accurate information.
  • Introduce and scale-up youth-friendly contraceptive services.
  • Advance client-centered care that enables individuals to freely choose a contraceptive method that best meets their reproductive desires and lifestyles, free of coercion, stigma, and discrimination.

Advancing Community-Based Family Planning

Community-based distribution is an important and tested strategy for improving access to and continuity of contraceptive services, especially for people living in rural areas where facility-based services are out of reach. E2A’s work in this area focuses on improving access to injectable contraceptives and long-acting reversible contraception at the community level through community health workers and other cadres; as well as enhancing community health worker performance, with a special focus on the use of data for strengthening service delivery.

Creating Models for Effective Integration

To reach more people with the holistic information and services they need, we focus on integrating family planning and reproductive health services with the following interventions: nutrition, postabortion care; population, health, and environment; prevention of mother-to-child transmission of HIV services; and other maternal, newborn, and child health interventions. When done right, integration can lead to greater efficiency and effectiveness, ensuring clients get the most out of every visit.


Featured Publications

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