Strengthening Postabortion Family Planning in Burkina Faso

This brief describes an assessment that E2A undertook of postabortion care (PAC) services in Burkina Faso. E2A conducted PAC assessments in four West African countries: Burkina Faso, Guinea, Senegal, and Togo.

This brief, along with the three others in the series, emphasizes the family planning component of PAC services, following the concerted effort of Francophone West African countries to strengthen PAC services at point of treatment. All four countries participated in a regional conference in 2008, where country teams developed action plans for strengthening PAC that would apply the Virtual Fostering Change methodology for strengthened services and scale-up. The action plans aimed to improve certain aspects of PAC service delivery, The assessments tell the story of how each action plan was implemented, and show what has helped—or hindered—PAC service delivery to date. Results of the assessments were presented at a regional workshop, held last October in Saly, Senegal. Based on the assessment results, representatives from the four countries, along with others in Francophone West Africa, have made plans to strengthen certain aspects of PAC service delivery over the next year.

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