Addressing Reproductive, Maternal and Child Health, and Family Planning Needs of Young, First-Time Parents in the Eastern and Center North Regions of Burkina Faso

Brief cover - green header with small picture of three young mothers and their babiesPHASE 2 RESULTS BRIEF

In October 2019, the Evidence to Action (E2A) Project and Pathfinder International Burkina Faso began a follow-on wave of first-time parent (FTP) programming in the Eastern and Center North Regions of Burkina Faso—building on the prior phase of the FTP intervention in 2018-2019—after receiving a one-year extension of the “Supporting Reproductive Health Services for Young First-Time Parents in Burkina Faso” project from USAID/Burkina Faso.

This second phase incorporated new programmatic strategies—designed based on the implementation learnings from the first phase—which included additional discussion topics for first-time mother (FTM) peer groups, more structured engagement with men and older women, and the inclusion of joint couples discussion groups for FTMs and their husbands.

Due to significant challenges—a deteriorating security situation and the COVID-19 pandemic—Phase 2 ended after only four months of community-based activities. Despite these challenges, the project was able to complete the majority of its implementation plan and achieve good results. Based on the Phase 2 experiences and lessons learned, and reflecting on the ongoing health and non-health needs of FTPs, E2A offers key recommendations to current and future implementers working with this important population in Burkina Faso—and around the globe.