Meeting the Integrated Needs of First-Time Parents: Technical Consultation Report

To advance E2A’s and the international community’s understanding of first-time parents (FTPs), E2A convened 30 health experts who work on a range of health and human rights issues for a two-day technical consultation focused on this historically underserved population.

Participants discussed a range of opportunities and challenges related to identifying and addressing the integrated needs of FTPs, seeking to meet the following objectives:

  • Review FTP programming experiences and evidence to date;
  • Recommend programmatic components, strategies, and considerations for a gender- transformative, integrated package of interventions for FTPs; and
  • Explore opportunities for testing an initial FTP intervention package or elements of a package through ongoing or new program efforts.

This report describes key points presented during the rich discussion that ensued. These include reflections on the importance of addressing the needs of FTPs; what the evidence says about FTPs and their needs; programmatic strategies to address the needs of FTPs; the diversity of FTPs; critical components of an FTP program; how to deliver information and services to FTPs; and opportunities for collaboration and next steps.