Key Resources on First-Time Parents

What’s the best way to respond to the urgent needs of this critical youth population often overlooked by reproductive health programs?

We’re on a mission to find out.

First-time parents—defined by E2A as young women under age 25 who are pregnant with or have one child, and their partners—have largely been overlooked in reproductive health (RH) programs for youth. Over the past five years, E2A has undertaken several conceptual and programming efforts that detail the FTP experience and explore how best to respond to their complex needs. Here’s selection of resources exploring key findings and insights:


E2A’s First-Time Parent Framework

We have a global opportunity to improve reproductive health and gender outcomes for first-time parents by delivering programs tailored to their needs that apply deliberate life-course and socio-ecological lenses.

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Explore formative assessment findings from our first-time parent (FTP) component of the Saving Mothers Giving Life-Expanding Family Planning initiative.

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Get key demographic and service utilization info about first-time mothers we’re reaching in Burkina Faso’s Fada and Diapaga districts.

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See emerging findings about first-time mothers we’re reaching through an integrated population, health, and environment program in the Greater Mahale Ecosystem.

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