FTP Snapshot: Tanzania

E2A and Pathfinder International/Tanzania recently began a new initiative for young First-Time Parents (FTPs) as part of the Tuungane project, an integrated population health-environment (PHE) program operating in the Greater Mahale Ecosystem of Tanzania. Since 2011, Tuungane has been working in partnership with the Government of Tanzania (GOT), the Nature Conservancy of Tanzania (TNC), and other partners to tackle some of the most complex development challenges faced by these extremely remote, marginalized and vulnerable communities, including improving access to voluntary family planning (FP) services.

Noting patterns of early childbearing and low contraceptive use among young people in Tuungane communities, E2A and Pathfinder saw an opportunity to advance healthy timing and spacing (HTSP), FP, and related gender outcomes for FTPs. This new initiative centers on peer group activities with young First-Time Mothers (FTMs) – defined as women under 25 years who are pregnant with or have one child – to build their FP/RH agency and facilitate access to facility- and community-based FP counseling and services. With the launch of FTP activities in May 2018, E2A collected information on the FP/RH situation and needs of FTM participants through a qualitative baseline and peer group intake forms. This FTP Snapshot highlights key findings emerging about Tuungane FTMs and the barriers that limit their access to informed, voluntary use of contraception.

  • Publication date: January 2019