FTP Snapshot: Nigeria

E2A and Pathfinder International/Nigeria recently began a new program for young First-Time Parents (FTPs) as part of the Saving Mothers Giving Life Expanding Family Planning (SMGL-EFP) initiative in Cross River State (CRS), Nigeria. SMGL-EFP has been working in partnership with the CRS MOH since 2014 to increase the FTP Snapshot: Nigeria coverage and quality of maternal neonatal and reproductive health (RH) services and improve delivery outcomes in 148 public and faith-based health facilities across the state. An additional component of SMGL-EFP focuses on strengthening family planning (FP) services, including the provision of Long-Acting Reversible Contraceptives (LARCs).

With 18% of adolescent girls aged 15-19 having already begun childbearing in CRS and only 27% currently using a modern contraceptive method, the SMGL-EFP team noted a particular need to reach young mothers with reproductive, maternal, newborn and child health (RMNCH) information and services. In response, E2A designed a new FTP-focused component advances healthy timing and spacing of pregnancy (HTSP), FP, and related gender outcomes for FTPs.

Informed by a qualitative formative assessment conducted in 2017, the new FTP component centers on peer group activities with young First-Time Mothers (FTMs) – defined as women under 25 years who are pregnant with or have one child – to build their FP/RH agency and facilitate access to facility- and community-based FP services. The program also includes group activities with the male partners of FTM peer group members to foster healthy relationships and promote couple communication and joint decision-making. With the launch of FTP activities in May 2018, E2A conducted baseline surveys with FTMs and male partners participating in the program to understand more about their FP/RH situation and needs. This FTP Snapshot highlights important information on SMGL-EFP’s FTPs and some of the factors that influence their access to informed, voluntary use of contraception.

  • Publication date: January 2019