Expansion of Family Planning Method Mix Through the Introduction of Community-Based Provision of Standard Days Method Using CycleBeads in Shinyanga Region of Tanzania

Building on Pathfinder International’s existing community-based program in five districts of Shinyanga region, Tanzania, the USAID-funded Evidence to Action (E2A) Project, from 2014-2016, pilot-tested the provision of Standard Days Method® (SDM) through use of CycleBeads. Community health workers (CHWs) counseled on SDM using CycleBeads as part of the wider contraceptive method mix they had been offering at community level: combined oral pills, progesterone-only pills, and male and female condoms. They also continued to refer clients who opted for clinical methods (implants, IUDs, injectables, permanent methods) to a health facility. To assist clients with becoming confident using SDM/CycleBeads, the program included features that ensured CHWs’ ongoing follow-up with clients.

This technical report describes a study E2A and Pathfinder undertook, which documented the programmatic approach applied for effective provision of SDM and corresponding results. Findings included in this report will inform national policies and strategies for inclusion of SDM in the contraceptive method mix offered in communities and at health facilities, and programmatic requirements for scale-up of SDM to all regions of Tanzania.