Evaluation Summary: Youth-Friendly Health Services in Malawi

This four-page brief compiles key findings from a comprehensive evaluation of youth-friendly health services (YFHS) in Malawi. The evaluation was conducted by the Malawi Ministry of Health’s Reproductive Health Directorate, USAID, E2A, and University of Malawi’s Centre for Social Research. Technical and/or financial support was provided by the World Health Organization, the United Nations Population Fund, and the United Nations Children’s Fund. The key findings are organized by the following objectives:

  1. Assess the extent to which YFHS standards and the minimum package of YFHS have been implemented.
  2. Examine factors that influence uptake of YFHS at the district and zonal levels.
  3. Determine the coverage of YFHS.

The brief also provides recommendations to the Government of Malawi’s YFHS program and offers several key findings related to the sexual and reproductive health of young people in Malawi.