Assessment of Postabortion Care in Four Francophone West Africa Countries

This comprehensive report describes an assessment E2A conducted of efforts to strengthen postabortion care services in Burkina Faso, Guinea, Senegal, and Togo. The assessment, conducted in 2012, followed the implementation of action plans by these four countries for strengthening postabortion family planning services. The action plans were drafted  by participants, policymakers, and program managers at a meeting in Saly, Senegal, in 2008, and refined under the Virtual Fostering Change Program for postabortion care. The goal of the assessment was to highlight successes achieved to date as well as to identify the processes needed to strengthen and scale up postabortion care family planning services.

The assessment report can be accessed here or by clicking on the download button to the right.

Four-page technical briefs that describe the assessment undertaken in each country and are derived from this longer report can be accessed at the links below:

Assessment Brief: Burkina Faso
Assessment Brief: Guinea
Assessment Brief: Senegal
Assesssment Brief: Togo