Training Resource Package FP Module

To view the Training Resource Package for Pre-Service Education in FP and AYSRH in its entirety, click here.


The FP Training Module is composed of Session I and Session II. The Session Plan for the FP Module can be accessed here. This session plan provides a detailed overview of the FP training modules to help ease facilitation and optimize time management to accomplish the set objectives. Each complete session includes:

  • Learning objectives tied to learning activities
  • Time allocated to each learning activity
  • A specified training methodology that is competency based
  • PowerPoint presentations that are up to date, complete, and sequentially numbered according to the use and referenced in the learner activities
  • Handouts including role-play scripts, observation checklists, case studies, and individual assignments
  • List of training materials such as demonstration materials and equipment
  • Evaluation tools such as skills checklists, quizzes, and knowledge tests

The FP training module contains curriculum components and tools needed to design, implement, and evaluate training. It offers essential resources for FP/RH instructors, ministries of health and education, and directors of nursing and midwifery schools. The module was designed to harmonize and strengthen FP training topics for pre-service nursing and midwifery education, and are meant to be aligned with each country’s PSE and FP policies and guidelines. The modules seek to encourage active involvement of students in the learning process.

The FP Training Module follows the design of the original TRP modules and contain high-quality, user-friendly materials and resources for designing, conducting, and evaluating training for student nurses and midwives.  The module includes PowerPoint presentations, simulation skills practice in the form of role plays, discussions, case studies and practice, and clinical practice using objective competency-based skills checklists. The module is designed for students in developing countries who most often will be tasked with providing full range of FP and AYSRH services and assumes students have a minimum level of clinical training.


FP Module: Session 1

Topic 1: Concepts of Family Planning

Session I Topic 1 PowerPoint Presentation

Session 1 Topic 1 Handout 1

Topic 2: Counseling

Session I Topic 2 PowerPoint Presentation

Session I Topic 2 Handout 1

Session I Topic 2 Handout 2

Session I Topic 2 Handout 3

Session I Topic 2 Handout 4

Session I Topic 2 Handout 5


FP Module: Session 2

Topic 1: Combined Oral Pills (COCs)

Session II Topic 1 PowerPoint Presentation

Session II Topic 1 Handout 1

Topic 2: Progestin Only Pills (POPs)

Session II Topic 2 PowerPoint Presentation

Topic 3: Injectable Contraceptives

Session II Topic 3 PowerPoint Presentation

Session II Topic 3 Handout 1

Topic 4: Emergency Contraceptive Pills

Session II Topic 4 PowerPoint Presentation

Session II Topic 4 Handout 1

Session II Topic 4 Handout 2

Session II Topic 4 Handout 3

Topic 5: Female Condoms

Session II Topic 5 PowerPoint Presentation

Session II Topic 5 Handout 1

Session II Topic 5 Handout 2

Session II Topic 5 Handout 3

Topic 6: Male Condoms

Session II Topic 6 PowerPoint Presentation

Session II Topic 6 Handout 1

Session II Topic 6 Handout 2

Topic 7: Implants

Session II Topic 7 PowerPoint Presentation

Session II Topic 7 Handout 1

Session II Topic 7 Handout 2

Session II Topic 7 Handout 3

Session II Topic 7 Handout 4

Topic 8: IUDs

Session II Topic 8 PowerPoint Presentation

Session II Topic 8 Handout 1

Session II Topic 8 Handout 2

Session II Topic 8 Handout 3

Session II Topic 8 Handout 4

Topic 9: Natural Family Planning Methods

  • Part 1: LAM

Session II Topic 9 Part 1 PowerPoint Presentation

Session II Topic 9 Part 1 Handout 1

  • Part 2: SDM

Session II Topic 9 Part 2 PowerPoint Presentation

Session II Topic 9 Part 2 Handout 1

Session II Topic 9 Part 2 Handout 2

Topic 10: Female Sterilization

Session II Topic 10 PowerPoint Presentation

Session II Topic 10 Handout 1

Session II Topic 10 Handout 2

Topic 11: Vasectomy

Session II Topic 11 PowerPoint Presentation

Session II Topic 11 Handout 1