Press Release

E2A-led community of practice facilitates first webinar in a series on costing for scale-up

The community of practice led by E2A in partnership with the Implementing Best Practices Initiative and Expandnet, Systematic Approaches for the Sustainable Scale-Up of Family Planning and Reproductive Health Best Practices, invited John Bratt and Christine Lasway of FHI 360 to present during its webinar, January 28, on costing the scale-up of family planning programs. Mr. Bratt presented an introduction to estimating costs for scale-up and highlighted the importance of costing, while Ms. Lasway talked about developing Costed Implementation Plans (CIPs) and how costs for scale-up are featured in those plans. Questions from participants regarding country-level challenges, timelines for CIP development, and monitoring the costing process, among others, enriched the webinar.

Those who could not join the webinar can access a recording of the broadcast, and read a script from the Q&A that followed the presentations.

The corresponding Powerpoint presentations will also be helpful when listening to the broadcast:

Lastly, those interested can access background reading, sent out prior to the webinar, here:

Given the importance and timeliness of the topic, the community of practice plans to hold two more webinars on costing for scale-up in the near future. Dates for those webinars will be announced in the coming month.