Webinar: Shifting Mindsets to Make Change Stick: Fostering Change for Scale-up

July 15, 2015

Host: Community of Practice: Systematic Approaches for the Scale-up of Family Planning/Reproductive Health Best Practices

The webinar will seek to do the following:

  • Present the body of knowledge about effective change & summarize key points about what that research suggests about effective change.
  • Show evidence that using a systematic approach to scaling up (and monitoring scale-up) can increase chances of success.
  • Introduce the Guide to Fostering Change as a collective body of learning that provides an overarching pathway for scaling up.
  • Highlight key parts of the guide, with an emphasis on the principles of change and how the guide is designed to support practioners to set shared direction, champion the change and scale up efforts.

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Reading Materials:
Guide to Fostering Change to Scale Up Effective Health Services
View the presentation from the webinar and listen to the recording.

When: July 15, 2015