More than the sum of parts: How applying the integrated population, health, environment approach leads to increased demand for and use of family planning and maternal health services

June 20, 2016

Join East African staff from the HoPE project at the E2A office to learn about and discuss the project’s impact on family planning and maternal health services.

More about HoPE: Since 2011, HoPE has been working to model and scale up a promising cross-sectoral approach - known as “population, health and environment”- to address the interrelated challenges faced by marginalized, rural communities in Uganda and Kenya. HoPE addresses food security, unmet need for family planning, environmental degradation, high risk of maternal and infant mortality, water and sanitation, and lack of economic/livelihood opportunities. HoPE reaches underserved communities with much needed information and services in an integrated way.


When: June 20, 2016