High-Level Consultative Meeting on First-Time Parents

October 27, 2014 – October 28, 2014

First-time parents (FTP) - broadly defined as young married/in-union women under the age of 25 and their partners who are pregnant or already have one child - form a critical group for health and development practitioners.  FTPs have a range of critical reproductive, maternal and child health and other (e.g., education, economic) needs that are inadequately addressed.  At the same time, FTPs present a unique opportunity in reaching typically under-served adolescents and young people. Continuing to provide leadership in understanding and responding to the needs of this important group, E2A will convene a small group of experts on adolescent and youth sexual and reproductive health and rights to review experience to-date and shape an appropriate package of services or a program model for responding to the specific needs of this population.  This convening is intended to be a two-day meeting of thought-leaders who are well steeped in the conceptual and practical grounding for working with youth, including first-time parents.

When: October 27, 2014 – October 28, 2014
Where: 1250 23rd Street Northwest, Washington, DC, United States