Contraceptive Technology Update with Jeff Spieler

April 29, 2015

Jeff Spieler will be at E2A on April 29 to discuss need-to-know information on current contraceptive technology and insights into new technology that is currently being introduced and will be introduced in the near future.

About Jeff Spieler
Jeff Spieler has more than 43 years of experience working internationally on contraceptive research and development, family planning and reproductive health.  In December 2014, he retired and was the Senior Technical Advisor for Science and Technology in Population and Reproductive Health (PRH) at USAID.  Previously, in PRH at USAID he was the Senior Science Advisor (2007-2008), the Chief of the Research Division (1993-2007) and Biomedical Scientist (1983-1992).  Prior to joining USAID, Jeff spent 11 years as a Scientist in the Human Reproduction Programme at WHO in Geneva (1972-1983) and six years as a bench researcher at Lederle Laboratories (pharmaceutical company) in Pearl River, NY (1967-1972).  Jeff has a B.Sc. in Zoology, University of Florida (1967), a M.Sc. in Zoological Sciences and Reproductive Biology, Rutgers University (1971), and was awarded and Honorary Doctorate in Public Service from the University of Florida in 2002.

Listen to a recording of the upate and view Jeff Spieler's presentation.

When: April 29, 2015
Time and Location Details:

 E2A Office or remote via Go To Webinar