E2A Newsletters

March 2017

E2A launches RISE-FP program in Niger. New resources and blogs from E2A.

November/December 2016

E2A's leadership role in advancing adolescent and youth sexual and reproductive health and rights in West Africa 

September 2016

Rita Badiani joins E2A as new project director. Consensus to Action: Expanding method choice for youth. Upcoming office move, Kaiser event and new GHSP publication on task-sharing in Mozambique.

July/August 2016

Focus on strengthening youth-friendly sexual and reproductive health services at universities in Kenya and Niger.

May/June 2016

Expanding postpartum family planning to rural districts in Cameroon. Focus on HoPE-LVB Project. Johannes Linn speaks to resource team of community of practice on scale-up.

April 2016

Focus on E2A's community-based family planning project in DRC. Read the newsletter in French, here.

March 2016

E2A releases second behavior-change film for use with service providers in Niger. Saving Mothers, Giving Life interventions kick off in Nigeria. Mary Edwards, a community health worker in Tanzania, reaches out to first-time parents.

February 2016

USAID grants E2A extension until 2019. Taking the Training Resource Package on Family Planning to Uganda. E2A staff talks to FP Voices.

January 2016

E2A at the fourth International Conference on Family Planning.

November/December 2015

Update on USAID mission-supported work in Nigeria and Democratic Republic of the Congo.

October 2015

Pledge your support: Global Consensus Statement on expanding contraceptive choice for youth. Population Health and Environment Officer in Kenya "does small things in great ways." E2A in New York Times and SciDev.Net. 

September 2015

Improving services for communities in Shinyanga, Tanzania. National support for Togolese youth. Wilson Center event with Pathfinder country representatives. 

August 2015

Reaching first-time parents in Burkina Faso: technical brief and webinar. Rehabilitating obstetric fistula repair patients in Ethiopia. New policy brief on offering long-acting reversible contraceptive methods to youth in Ethiopia.

July 2015

Postpartum implants in Cameroon. Addressing child marriage in Niger. Training Resource Package on Family Planning in Tanzania. Preconference workshop on scale-up in West Africa.

June 2015

Focuses on Ethiopia: grant to mobilize religious leaders, Integrated Family Health Program and youth interventions, and community of practice meeting held in Addis Ababa.

May 2015

Special edition newsletter that describes a series of E2A events focused on youth.

April 2015

Jeff Spieler gives contraceptive technology update at E2A. Building competencies for a strong postpartum family planning program in Cameroon. New youth-focused E2A briefs in French.

March 2015

Shining national spotlight on AYSRH in Niger. New study on SMS program for youth in Mozambique. E2A presents at Global Health Mini University.

February 2015

Officially launching community-based family planning program in DRC. Improving the quality of postabortion care in Togo. Engaging faith-based groups at ACHAP biennial meeting.

January 2015

Carina Stover joins E2A as new project director. E2A provides perspective on AYSRH at annual Ouagadougou Partnership meeting. E2A launches PMTCT Plus project in four Nigerian states.

December 2014

E2A events focused on first-time parents. Grants awarded to faith-based organizations. New report on sustainability of health management approaches applied in Ethiopia.

October 2014

Quality improvement through village health teams in Uganda. Expanding contraceptive choice in Burundi. Comprehensive postpartum family planning program in Cameroon.

September 2014

Community-based family planning in DRC. Synthesis paper on introduction and scale-up of emergency contraception programs. Tackling fistula in Ethiopia. Assessment of postabortion care family planning in West Africa.

May 2014

Conference joins domestic and international reproductive health experts. Working with a university to improve sexual and reproductive health in Niger. Advocacy approaches applied in Nigeria shared in Tanzania. New bibliography on systematic approaches to scale-up.

January 2014

Conference on adolescent and youth sexual and reproductive health in West Africa. New publications on assessment of postabortion care programs. Webinar series on costing for scale-up. Strengthening provision of Jadelle in Burundi.